Thinking About Selling Your Property?

Not All Estate Agents Are Created Equal

Selling your property, whether your family home or an investment property, is usually one of the most important financial and personal decisions in your life. If you are moving house your hopes and dreams are on the line, your family’s wellbeing is at stake and your nerves are taught with expectation and worry. Your financial wellbeing is also in the balance, a small change can make a huge impact on your future.

Choosing the good agent can change the game.

Choosing the right agent can make a dream into reality.

7 Reasons Why Sellers Choose Churches

1. The Personal Service

As a client of Churches, you are working directly with a single, dedicated agent who will be with you from the first day we visit your property to the final day you hand over the keys.

Our expert agents offer a 100% personal service. They are your always-accessible point of contact, your private confidante and your property’s chief cheerleader.

At no point in your sale will important parts of our service be handed over to junior agents, house-showers or admin staff. Your agent will be there every step of the way.

2. Our Expert Agents

Every single one of our agents are fully licenced by the Property Services Regulatory Authority (Find Out More) to advise homeowners and sell property. That means each of them is highly qualified in their fields, held accountable to high standards and practices, and with years of experience in the industry.

In fact, our agents often decades of experience selling property across Ireland and all over the world too. We are all skilled negotiators, valuers, marketers and advisors. We’re also friendly and approachable too! Good agents you can trust!

3. Free, No Obligation Valuations

With Churches our valuations are 100% free – for whatever purposes. A valuation is your first step when you are thinking about selling your property. Speak to one of our expert agents to get a clear picture of what your house is worth today.

If you are looking for a valuation for any other purpose – such as Probate, Fair Deal or Bank Valuation – we will do it for free as well. We are only happy to help and believe it is not our place to charge when we can lend you our advice for free.

4. No Upfront Fees or Expenses

Agent upfront expenses often the cause of greatest consternation when choosing an agent. Traditional Irish agents charge sellers an upfront fee before they even get their property on the market, supposedly to pay for marketing expenses. This means you shelling out €100s – if not €1,000s – on marketing without the guarantee your property will even sell.

With Churches, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for what should be an inclusive service. Instead, we charge you nothing for marketing, nothing upfront and nothing later. So there’s nothing stopping you getting going.

5. Free & Exclusive Marketing Packages

Despite not charging you to get your property on the market, Churches still offer you a full marketing package to rival any agency in Ireland. Included as standard:

Professional Photography – Printed Brochures – “For Sale” Signboard – Online Ads on Major Portals – Window Displays – Local Newsletter Advertising – Magazine Ads

In addition to the the typical marketing packages, Churches are also innovating new platforms and avenues to promote your property to more potential buyers.

6. No Lock-In Period

Every agent in Ireland now works under a standard agreement set out by the PSRA. This standardised document is designed to protect the home owner – but it also includes a few clauses that only protect the agent.

One of these is a lock-in period clause, which allows the agent to set the period of time the home owner is tied to using their agency exclusively, with no option to change agent. Most agents have an lock-in period of at least 6 months and sometimes up to 12 months.

At Churches, this makes us wonder what the other agents are afraid of… If you’re not happy with your service you should be able to quit your underperforming agent and not locked into an unhappy agreement. Instead, we set our lock-in to just 1 day. If you’re not happy with our service, you’re welcome to sack us. But don’t worry, it never happens!

7. No Sale, No Charge

Finally, one of our most important policies that we believe should be a fundamental clause in any agent’s agreement. If your property is not successfully sold, you should not be expected to pay anything. No marketing fees, no abortive fees, no charges of any kind until your agent has sold your home.

At Churches, we have a strict No Sale, No Charge policy. We don’t charge you anything upfront and we don’t charge you until your property is successfully sold. If you decide not to sell for whatever reason, we take you off the market and we’ve charged you nothing. There’s no risk in testing the market, we hope to always exceed expectations.