FAQ: How can I improve my BER Rating?

FAQ: How can I improve my BER Rating?

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FAQ: How can I improve my BER Rating?

Although we generally don’t recommend worrying about your BER rating when selling a property, you might be looking to improve your home for your own use or planning to improve the energy efficiency of your next home. Here are a few ways to improve your property’s BER:

  • Heating system – a new gas boiler can make the biggest improvement to your BER. Switching to a combination boiler and reducing the size of the hot tank will help you waste less hot water. If you can’t get gas where you are, a modern oil-fired boiler is much more efficient these days.
  • Insulation – Making sure your attic and roof space is insulated is one of the easiest and cheapest improvements. After that there are clever internal and external cladding systems that will help save waste heat.
  • Windows – Replacing single glazing with double glazing is a must. After that there is now highly efficient triple and even quadruple glazing but that is getting expensive. Secondary glazing is an alternative if you can’t remove existing windows. Skylights and conservatories are also something to be weary of.
  • Size of house and volume of space – Little you can do about this but note that large houses will always struggle to keep up with a smaller property in terms of its BER.
  • Radiators – Central heating (preferably with gas) is better than electric or storage heaters. There are more modern efficient radiators these days and each should be controlled with an individual valve or more advanced thermostat systems are available.
  • Energy Saving Measures – Replacing old tungsten and even newer halogen bulbs with LED lights will save you electricity and is simple to do. Other energy saving measures include a smart heating system that is more controllable and timed to your family’s needs. Solar panels are now popular and can save huge hot water heating bills in the summer months – even in Ireland!

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A qualified Chartered Surveyor with a decade of experience with some of the world's most prestigious property companies, Ben leads our Blackrock sales team and pioneers our marketing platform.

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