FAQ: How do I prepare my property for sale?

FAQ: How do I prepare my property for sale?

Before you even get your property on the market, here are some things to consider preparing. You don’t need to have them all in order before speaking to an estate agent or going on the market, but you want to have the wheels in motion so everything goes smoothly with your sale.


Before you begin the process of selling your property, it’s a good idea to make sure everything is in place to make sure the sale can go ahead successfully and smoothly. The key documents are your title deeds. If you have a mortgage these will be held by your mortgage bank. Your solicitor can request them when preparing your contract for the sale.

If you inherited the house or at any stage had a joint ownership that no longer stands (divorce, separation, partnership etc) make sure the deeds are in the correct name and you have the consent of all parties to sell the property.

Planning Permission

If you have done any work to the property since you bought it, make sure you have all the proper planning documents up to date. If you did any works that require planning or even if they are within the permitted planning guidelines, you can get a Certificate of Permitted Planning from a surveyor to ensure there are no problems during the sale.


Before you sell you will have to have fully paid the Property Tax on your home. Also if you have any other outstanding taxes (for tenancies or second homes) then these will also have to be paid prior to the sale. Be careful with your Property Tax. If you property sells for considerably more than it was taxed for then you might have to pay the increased tax level.

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