FAQ: How much do Churches Estate Agents charge in sales fees and expenses?

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FAQ: How much do Churches Estate Agents charge in sales fees and expenses?

Yesterday we answered the question – How much does selling your property with an estate agent cost?

Today we delve into what we at Churches charge in terms of fees and expenses – and briefly how it compares to other agents in the Dublin and Ireland property market today.

Churches Sales Fees

At Churches we are fairly confident in our abilities to not only successfully sell houses for the best possible price, but to also give the customer a great experience throughout the sale. This makes a difference and it comes down to the personal touch – all our clients are personally looked after by a dedicated agent who walks them through the sale from start to finish.

We are also pioneering new ways in marketing our properties so we are not just offering a run-of-the-mill service in either aspect, we are offering something truly new but uniquely not charging our clients an arm & a leg in expenses for it (see more on Marketing Expenses below).

Our fees start at 1.75% and average around 1.5% – depending on the property…

So our sales fee reflects the service we provide. We believe we can get a great result and a smooth transaction, and we believe we should be incentivised to get the best result for our clients. That’s why we charge fees in the upper end of the average range.

  • Our fees start at 1.75% plus VAT for a average value house – say up to €450,000.
  • For properties of greater value our fees will be lower – we average around 1.5% on all our sales.
  • For large properties over €1 million we are currently offering 1% fees.
  • In some cases our fees will be 2% where we are putting together land acquisitions or negotiating tricky sales.

While we are not the cheapest estate agent in the market today, we believe we have the skills and expertise to achieve better results for our clients that will more than pay back our fee. You are better off having a hard-working, incentivised agent who will go out and get you a much better price, than an agent on a miserly 1% who really doesn’t care as long as the house is sold.

You are better off having a hard-working, incentivised agent than an agent on 1% who doesn’t care…

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Churches Marketing Expenses

However, here’s the difference. With most other major agents in Dublin, you won’t even get your property on the market without incurring significant expenses upfront. Depending on the value of your property you could be charged anywhere between €300 and €2,000 in upfront fees and expenses.

These you will have to be paid before your property goes online. You don’t have the chance to consider your sale, test the market or see what’s possible, because this restrictive cost of a big expense upfront.

We like to do things differently. With Churches there are NO UPFRONT FEES. We will get your property on the market and in front of buyers without costing you anything. In fact, we charge NO MARKETING EXPENSES EVER, so you won’t even get lumped with extras on your final fee or abortive costs if you decide not to sell.

The Churches Way helps home owners who are considering selling but don’t know if they will find their next home or if they will get the price they (or their bank) wants for their existing home. You can get your property on the market with us, we will go out and get the best possible price in the market today.

And if it’s a happy number then you can move.

But if it’s not enough or your circumstances change for any reason, we just take it off the market and it’s cost you nothing. We don’t charge you a cent until we have successfully sold your property – never before.

So even if our eventual sales fees are slightly higher than the average bargain-basement agents today – we know we achieve great results and we remove a huge costs and risk to our clients upfront.

You can’t say fairer than that! And despite not charging anything for our marketing, we are still providing a top-class service and a host of extras that you won’t get with any other agent.

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Do you negotiate on your sales fee?

This is a smart question!

We are fairly strict about our fees because we believe are providing so much value up front with our free marketing and we do take the risk that for whatever reason you decide not to sell or can’t sell.

And do you really want an agent on the lowest of the low fees? If your agent doesn’t value his services or is too easy to haggle down on fees – then how good is he going to be negotiating the price of your property with a keen buyer?

If your agent is too easy to haggle on fees, how good will he be negotiating on your property?

In all honesty, we welcome you to chat with us about the fees we would charge on your property. Please do not take the figures above as set in stone. We take every individual client as just that – an individual. Every family’s circumstances are different and we are above all fair and honest with our charges.

Contact us today to discuss your sale and see if we can help you successfully sell your property.

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Ben Thompson

A qualified Chartered Surveyor with a decade of experience with some of the world's most prestigious property companies, Ben leads our Blackrock sales team and pioneers our marketing platform.