FAQ: What do the different BER ratings mean?

FAQ: What do the different BER ratings mean?

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FAQ: What do the different BER ratings mean?

Since 2011 every property in Ireland now needs a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate prior to going on the market for sale or to let. A BER certificate is an assessment and rating of your property’s energy efficiency. Each house is assessed and comes out with a score on a range of A1 to F.

Here is a rough guide to what type of property have which ratings:

  • BER RatingA1 – brand new, highly efficient purpose built house (such as Passive House).
  • A2 – as above, still a very high standard to attain.
  • A3 – most new urban homes, usually includes solar panels.
  • B1 – a modern 10-20 year old property, with additional efficiency improvements.
  • B2 – a modern or retrofitted property, depending on the age of the house and extent of improvements.
  • B3 – as above, depending on the age of the house and extent of improvements.
  • C1 – A common 15-20 year old property with double glazing and attic insulation but no other measures.
  • BER RatingC2 – A well-built rural property with oil-fired heating, insulation and efficient heating.
  • C3 – A typical apartment score in an 10-15 year old development.
  • D1 – A 20-40 year old house with double glazing, gas boiler and some insulation.
  • D2 – As above but with just double glazing, older boiler.
  • E – A 30-40+ year old house with no improvements or double glazing.
  • F – An older property, barely a shell with single glazed windows and no insulation.

Exempt – Listed historic buildings or derelict properties are exempt.


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