FAQ: When should I contact an estate agent?

FAQ: When should I contact an estate agent?

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FAQ: When should I contact an estate agent?

Whether you are thinking about selling you house in the near future, or perhaps in the next couple of years, you are considering when the best time is to call an estate agent to discuss your house. Here are three options to consider:


when to talk to an estate agentMany agents will be desperate for a home owner thinking about selling to pick up the phone to them. They will always suggest you call them immediately. But you are weary they will rush you into selling when perhaps you are not ready.

As we discussed yesterday (See: When is the best time to sell my house?) you shouldn’t let anyone rush you into selling, no matter what the market is doing it must first of all be the right time for you and your family.

If you are serious about selling, first call your agent for a valuation…

However if you are serious about selling soon, an estate agent should be your first call in order to get a valuation and an idea of what you will get for your property, the demand for it out there and what sort of time it may take to happen.

Above all, you should definitely contact an agent…

2. Before You Buy

Churches estate agents dalkey officeThis is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make: looking around the market for their next home, finding a dream property and getting excited – only to find it’s outside their budget or already sold.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, buying before you have sold…

We always advise anyone thinking about moving house to consider their sale well before they consider buying. Start by contacting you agent for a valuation and then you know roughly what your budget is you can afford for you next home.

Better still is to get your property on the market, start to get expressions of interest and offers, or even go all the way to sale agreed. Then you know for certain what you are getting for your property and be able to go house hunting with a definite budget and in a stronger buying position.

Your final option is:

3. Far In Advance

Almost half of our clients are long-term clients who we personally advise to for months or even years…

We have typically two types of clients – (1) one who calls us immediately before they are ready to sell; and (2) two who we may speak to and advice for weeks, months or years in advance before they actually decide to sell.

The majority of our business is probably the latter – clients who we speak to for weeks, months or even years before they are ready to sell.

We find our best clients are those we have known the longest. Contacting us early helps us get to know you (and you us) and understand your goals for moving. If you are waiting for the right timing for your family, job, mortgage or the market – we can be there to be a constant advisor.

We’re not going to rush you into a sale, because if it’s not the right time for you then it’s not going to go as smoothly as any of us would like. We would rather be there for you to keep you updated on the market, demand for your property and also be able to keep a look out for available properties for you to buy.

Moving is a long decision and we want to be there for you for whenever you finally decide to sell.

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Ben Thompson

A qualified Chartered Surveyor with a decade of experience with some of the world's most prestigious property companies, Ben leads our Blackrock sales team and pioneers our marketing platform.

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