The Churches Guarantee

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With over 60 years experience between our directors and agents, we have seen the Irish property market suffer not just boom and bust but also decades of bad service from property professionals. We believe that as trusted advisers to the public and our clients we have a responsibility to ensure we are loyal, trustworthy and faultless in not only our advice but also our behaviour when handling a family’s most important asset.

As trusted advisers to the public and our clients we have a responsibility to ensure we are loyal, trustworthy and faultless…

We take this responsibility seriously, that’s why we have developed our cast-iron guarantee to govern our customer service. No matter if we are handling a long term client or a first time buyer, renter or tenant, we must ensure our good name and reputation precedes us and reflects onto our client too.

We have also crafted our guarantee to provide great value for our clients. No charges for valuations, we even do free, no obligation valuations for probate and Fair Deal purposes, even if there is no chance of a sale for us.

We also have eradicated marketing fees and expenses. We only get paid if and when successfully sell your home. Because you shouldn’t have to pay for a service without getting the results you want.

We only get paid if and when we successfully sell your home… not for just showing up!


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[icon_box icon_image=”fa-check” title=”Trustworthy Expert Agents” description=”Fully qualified and licenced agents handling every client and property, with decades of experience and knowledge.” start=”ul” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-users” title=”Personal 1-on-1 Service” description=”Every client works with a dedicated agent throughout their sale. No juniors or admin staff handling the important stages of a sale.” start=”ul” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-home” title=”Complete Property Service” description=”We have experts in every aspect of property services, or if we don’t we will have a trusted adviser to recommend at no added cost.” start=”ul” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-phone” title=”4-Hour Callback Guarantee” description=”All office calls returned within 4 hours, because not returning calls is the single biggest complaint at other agencies. Not with us!” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-euro” title=”Free Valuations” description=”Free, no obligation valuations and consultations for any purpose, including Sales, Probate and Fair Deal.” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-gavel” title=”Free & Exclusive Marketing” description=”Churches offers exclusive and world-class marketing opportunities unavailable to any other agent, and ALL COMPLETELY FREE.” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-trophy” title=”Pay Nothing Until Your Property Is Sold” description=”We work for success! You will pay Churches NOTHING until your house is successfully sold. No upfront fees or expenses. ” start=”” end=”ul”][/one_half]

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