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Churches are pioneering innovative marketing platforms to reach more potential buyers than any other estate agent. And all at zero added cost to our clients.

The marketing landscape has changed in the last decade as consumer behaviours have radically altered. Today 90% of buyers find their next property online. This has simultaneously made most estate agents lazy and antiquated.

Most just list their properties on the main property portals and wait for the phone to ring. Worse, many are still charging their clients for national press advertising, which is completely ineffective at selling homes and is only effective at selling the agent.

Press advertising is completely ineffective at selling homes and only effective at selling the agent…

We are leading the way in Ireland with our efforts to maximise the reach of our properties, both online and off-line. We are the only agency developing our own marketing platforms, state-of-the-art marketing systems and a complete different style of honest marketing and community outreach.

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[icon_box icon_image=”fa-files-o” title=”FREE Printed Brochures” description=”Fresh and attractive brochures of your property available within hours of listing, available in our offices and at viewings.” start=”ul” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-calendar-o” title=”FREE ‘For Sale’ Signboard” description=”Our striking and recognisable signboards are made and installed for free. The best way to reach keen local buyers.” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-laptop” title=”FREE Online Advertising” description=”Property listings on Ireland’s key property portals, and, included for absolutely no cost.” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-home” title=”FREE Editorial *EXCLUSIVE*” description=”Your property will be featured on Ireland’s leading online property magazine at” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-picture-o” title=”FREE Newspaper Advertising *EXCLUSIVE*” description=”Your property will be advertised for free in leading local newspapers, reaching a targeted audience in your area.” start=”” end=””][icon_box icon_image=”fa-book” title=”FREE Magazine Feature *EXCLUSIVE*” description=”Your property will have a dedicated feature listing in Irish Home Magazine, our free glossy magazine distributed across Dublin.” start=”” end=”ul”][/one_half]

PFREE (1)RINTED BROCHURESChurches Marketing Images

Unlike most other estate agencies who will charge you to produce brochures for your property, we provide fresh and attractive brochures of your property FREE OF CHARGE and ready within hours of your listing.

Your brochures will be available at our offices and distributed at viewings so potential buyers have a takeaway reminder to keep them interested in your home. No expensive upfront costs to you, we professionally print our brochures in-house when required so we will never run out or over-print.

Our standard brochure is a quality 4-page A4 booklet. 8-page brochures are available for more extensive properties or special features.

FREE (1) “FOR SALE” SIGNBOARDChurches Marketing Images (1)

Signboards are important for most property sales – although we won’t insist you have one if you don’t want one for whatever reason. However they are useful for local marketing, for your neighbours and passing traffic to see your property is for sale – most buyers will be someone who is local or their family are local.

The attractive design of our signboards should mean you are proud to have one outside your property. Best of all they are FREE! We don’t charge for any of our standard advertising that should be included in any estate agent’s service.


Churches Marketing Images (2)Approximately 90% of buyers find their next home online, usually through Ireland’s major property portals and Many agents include a cost for listing your property on these portals, when in fact it doesn’t cost them anything to advertise each property – it’s a flat monthly rate!

We include this essential part of our service FOR FREE and in addition we have some of the best online marketing in Ireland to help draw potential buyers to our listings on the property portals and our own website. receives several thousand visits every month and with our great map and search functions it’s easy for buyers to find your property.

We are using our web platform to promote our listings by providing useful guides, tips, reviews and editorial about our properties and the local area. Our social media presence is one of the most active in Ireland and we are using every modern online technique to better reach prospective customers.


Churches Marketing Images (5)In addition to our own online presence, we are also pioneering new online marketing techniques. Churches have teamed up with a new online homes and property magazine called Irish Home We have an exclusive presence in the magazine, meaning all our properties will be featured and displayed at to help us reach more buyers – and we are the only agent in Ireland with access to this opportunity.

As consumers and property buyers are increasingly online, looking for property and consuming information, traditional published media such as magazines and newspapers are being overtaken by online media outlets. We are at the forefront of this trend, focusing our efforts to have the best online marketing in Ireland. Irish Home Magazine is Ireland’s only online homes and property magazine which will soon be the most popular resource for home owners and home buyers. Find out more at


Churches Marketing Images (7)National press advertising has long been a feature of Irish estate agent’s marketing campaigns. However, it has always been more of an opportunity for the agents to market themselves to future sellers, rather than selling your property to buyers. Yet you, the seller, will always foot the bill. Most quality estate agents will charge vendors anywhere between €500 to €2,000 for newspaper advertising depending on the size of the sale. Yet national newspaper circulations are dwindling rapidly and you have no guarantee of reaching actual buyers in your area.

The Irish Times circulation dropped 4.6% in 2014 to just 80,332 –

At Churches we don’t insist you pay for advertising in the national press. We always want to be honest with our clients and advertising ourselves with their money is not something on which we rely. Instead, we are taking a local approach. By advertising properties in local free newspapers – who have a rising readership – we are reaching not just more people, but more of the right people, residents in your area and not nationwide.


Churches Marketing Images (4)Finally, Churches are delighted to announce we are the lead sponsor and exclusive agent bringing out Ireland’s first FREE homes and property magazine in Spring 2015. The Irish Home Magazine will take the leap from Ireland’s only online homes and property magazine to become the first freely distributed glossy magazine, available in hundreds of locations across South Dublin.

Churches will not only be providing our latest insight, market and area guides, tips to buying or selling your property – but we will also be advertising our listings in this high quality publication to a targeted and interested circulation in your local area. Free copies will be available in public spaces across the city including cafes, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms and more. Further copies are being sent to our client lists and key influencers in the industry.

Our presence in this magazine will revolutionise the way property is marketed in Ireland. Combined with our other print and online platforms, makes Churches one of the most innovative property marketing companies in the country.

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