Churches Private Sales

Churches Private Sales

Churches are pioneering new services and opportunities for our clients to sell their property for the best possible price while minimising the hassle, time and expense of the sale. To this end Churches began last year offering exclusive off-market sales for specialised properties and vendors. In particular, prime property in high demand South Dublin areas and with values from c. €800,000 – €2,000,000.

A Typical Agency Sale

The typical approach to marketing your property through a traditional estate agent will start with significant time and expense spent on preparing a property for sale, professional photography, printing glossy brochures and timing the perfect launch window in the national press – all at personal expense to the home owner, sometimes up to €2,000 upfront with mainstream agencies.

However, there is no certainty having parted with this money that your property will eventually be sold, and much of the expense is to line the agent’s pockets, taking some certain income upfront when they know there is the chance the house won’t sell later and they won’t get their sales fees. Also gaining press coverage or paid advertising does little to sell the property but much more to advertise the agency to future customers.

There is also the huge invasion of privacy when publicly selling your home. From your neighbours seeing the “For Sale” sign outside your door, to friends across town spotting you in the paper or online. It’s especially difficult if your sale is unsuccessful or you don’t get the price you were looking for, it’s embarrassing to see the sign come down or people asking why you didn’t move.

A New Way – Churches Private Sales

Instead, Churches recognise there is a better way to sell your property, saving time and expenses, but still achieving a great result. With prime properties in such short supply, and strong demand from ready-to-go buyers, with the right agent it is no longer necessary for a full marketing campaign.

We are offering an alternative, where we use our skills, knowledge and expertise to work our extensive lists of private contacts to achieve a sale of your property without any marketing campaign.

Here’s how it works:

  • Instead of launching into a full marketing campaign, with your permission we reach out to a shortlist (between 5 – 20 people) of active, pre-qualified buyers.
  • We provide a short description and basic location details (no exact addresses if privacy is required) to narrow down a list of serious buyers.
  • We arrange one or two private viewing times for this private shortlist. This is a private viewing where buyers know they are getting a one-off opportunity to see a property, so perfect presentation needn’t be a great issue, buyers are happy to see the property as-is.
  • After the viewing, buyers are given a limited time period to make offers (usually 5-7 days).

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Avoid the hassle and expense of preparing your property for market.
  • Full discretion and privacy – no ‘For Sale’ sign or online adverts.
  • Avoid mass open viewings where the majority of viewers are often nosey neighbours and tyre-kickers.
  • Receive immediate offers in short timescales – weeks instead of months on the market.
  • Opportunity to test the market and decide to sell if you achieve an acceptable price, without risk or expense.

There is an added benefit that buyers actually prefer this marketing approach. They appreciate the opportunity to see a property off-market without competing with the masses of buyers they are used to at open viewings. You may think the lack of competition would not give them impetus to make quick and competitive offers, but in fact the opposite is true. With the threat that the property will go to open market if they don’t make offers within the set time period. This encourages them to make their best and final offer as soon as possible, rather than mess around with low initial offers.

Case Study

In April 2016 we were appointed to sell a fine 4-bed detached house in prime Foxrock on a strictly off-market basis. The vendors were an older couple looking to downsize but nervous about their community knowing they were selling without the certainty of a successful sale. They gave us the opportunity with just one single viewing.

We contacted a very shortlist of very keen buyers and viewed the property with just 5 buyers. Within 24 hours we had an offer at asking and within 48 hours we had sale agreed the property at an extra €10,000 over the asking price. The sale closed within 3 months and our clients were delighted it was completed so quickly without expense and in absolute privacy.

Especially in times of uncertainty, the full marketing campaign is fraught with delays, uncertainty and unnecessary costs. If however we don’t achieve an acceptable offer level, we have the option to take the marketing up to the next level and put the property on the open market.

Uniquely, Churches will not charge you any expenses for our comprehensive marketing package (professional photos, brochures, signboard, online ads etc) – we charge no upfront fees or marketing expenses of any kind.

If you are thinking about selling your property and would be interested in a private sale, contact our team today on 01 559 5000 or fill in the form below.