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Free, No Obligation Valuations

As one of our customer guarantees, Churches Estate Agents provide free, no obligation valuations to any property owner. We will provide a written valuation for any purpose, such as Fair Deal scheme, probate, bank negotiation or even sales, all for free and zero obligation to use Churches to sell your home if and when that should happen.

Why Are Your Valuations Free?

The majority of estate agents in Ireland charges for standard valuations because they see it as not good use of their time. We see it differently, here’s why:

  • Sharing Our Knowledge – We are some of the most active sales agents in Ireland, so we are more attuned than anyone to current property values.
  • Giving Back To The Community – Free valuations, especially for Fair Deal and Probate, is our small way to give back to the local community that have given us so much.
  • It Costs Us Nothing – A short visit and the post of a letter, hardly something to charge for. We’ll take a cup of tea though, thanks!
  • Saving You Extra Hassle and Cost – If you are going through the process of selling your property, or arranging a family member’s estate need every break you can get.”
  • No Obligation – We really don’t force you to sell your property with us, and in many cases the property isn’t sold. We like to see properties and it improves our skills to value as many as possible.

Arrange Your Free Valuation

Fill in our form below and an agent will contact you to discuss a free, no obligation valuation. Alternatively call us direct on 01 559 5000.

Our valuations include a brief site visit and are followed up with a written valuation letter. They are valid for Probate and Fair Deal purposes, as well as for your personal use when considering a sale.

Please note bank valuations for mortgage purposes will depend on the specific bank or lender. Please speak to your lender or broker.

Probate Valuations

Handling the loss of a relative is hard enough without the added pressure of managing their estate. Fortunately your solicitor should help you through most of this. The one thing they will need with regard to any property assets is an accurate valuation. This ensures the correct taxes are paid and inheritance calculated if applicable.

What we do for you?

We provide Free Valuations for all probate purposes. Call or fill in your details above to arrange a valuation. One of our qualified valuers will arrange a time and date to call to inspect the property and discuss the details with you. We then deliver a formal written valuation to you.

Our valuer needs two pieces of information to complete their report: the full name of the deceased and the date of death. This is just to ensure we provide what your solicitor requires, an accurate value of the property on the day your loved one passed away.

If you are only handling the probate long after the death, we can back-date our valuation by researching sales evidence around that date. If a period of time has passed since the death, the value of the property may have varied considerably. If you want an up-to-date present valuation in addition to the formal probate valuation, please ask our agent.

If you are considering selling the property

Traditionally it was more likely that a property would be kept in the family when it is inherited. However, often family members choose not to keep the property because they live elsewhere, have their own property or unfortunately the property needs to be sold to pay inheritance taxes.

If you are thinking about selling the property, we recommend you prepare to market the property as soon as you are ready for a number of reasons:

  • Safety & Security – unoccupied houses quickly become unsafe and at risk of damage and break-ins.
  • Prioritise Your Probate Application – The Probate process can be slow, however if you have a buyer ready to buy your property your solicitor can usually apply to the Probate Office to hurry up the process and ‘skip the queue’ so you can avoid a long, drawn-out process.
  • Selling Is The Most Accurate Valuation – Our valuations, although usually accurate, is only an estimate. Getting the property on the market and attracting real offers is the only way to know the exact value of the property.

If you are thinking about selling the property, let us know before we value the property so we can advise you the best course of action. With Churches, not only will we not charge for valuations but we also don’t charge for marketing your property so we can take you though the entire sale without costing you anything out of your own pocket. We only get paid when the property successfully sells.

Fair Deal Valuations

If you are considering applying for the HSE’s Nursing Home Support Scheme, your application is based on the value of your property. As part of the application you will need to include a current valuation from a qualified valuer.

What is the Fair Deal?

Fair Deal is officially called the Nursing Home Support Scheme. It provides financial support towards nursing home care and is calculated by a financial assessment that includes your income from pensions, benefits or other income and your assets, usually any property. The family home is usually the main asset of value in any household so a valuation is required to include this in your assessment.

Does it involve selling the property?

Usually no, the Fair Deal scheme is actually designed to avoid someone having to sell their home to fund their long-term care. Fair Deal means the state will cover some of your expenses until your death, and then use the value of the property to repay that cost for your care.

But that doesn’t prevent you selling the property before then if you wish to, just be aware the state will take this into account and usually lower their contribution towards your care.

Typically another family member may choose to live in the property if appropriate, or the property is rented out for added income. If neither of those are a suitable option then it is often preferable to sell the property.

Sales or Portfolio Valuations

If you are thinking about selling a single property or a portfolio of assets, both residential and commercial, we would also be delighted to provide FREE VALUATIONS for your property. We have a team of specialists in all areas who will be able to advise you not only on pricing but also disposal strategy, finance options and more.

Fill in our form below and an agent will contact you to discuss a free, no obligation valuation. Alternatively call us direct on 01 559 5000.