Dublin 18 Newsletter – July 2022

Stepaside and Belarmine homes in high demand

House prices in Dublin continue to rise at a rapid pace, as buyers continue to fight over too few properties on the market. Areas like Dublin 18 have become more popular.

Over the last 2 years, prices across Dublin have risen by almost 15%. The greatest rises were actually on the outskirts rather than in Dublin city centre areas. Stepaside & Belarmine are still highly prized areas, with well-financed first time buyers, trader-uppers or downsizers all seeking the great affordable houses and apartments in the area. We have waiting lists of dozens of buyers for every home, each is very well funded with cash deposits and mortgages.

You may have reached a point where you property you bought in the last boom has now reached the price you paid for it, or the value of your mortgage. This is a great time to sell if you had planned to move. Buyers will look at houses in any condition, as many have sufficient budgets to do major upgrade works and deep retrofits to bring homes up to a modern standard. There is a huge amount of money chasing too few properties coming to the market after 2 years of Covid.

Record sales!

Churches have sold more apartments in Parkview than any other agent for the last 3 years running. We are the experts at the building and know what buyers, banks and solicitors are looking for to make for a successful sale first time!

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